Molini Valente S.p.A.
regione mulini, 26 – 15023 FELIZZANO (AL) - ITALY
Phone +39 0131 791680
Fax +39 0131 791772

Share capital: euro 5.165.000 i.v.

N. REA AL 208930
VAT number IT01900020064
Registry Enterprise Alessandria / Tax code: 00058930058


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Molini Valente takes the greatest possible care in the selection and updating of the Site content; however, Molini Valente does not accept any responsibility in the case of missing, incomplete or erroneous information of any kind.

Moreover Molini Valente declines any responsibility for any damage that may result to the Users or their property as a consequence of accessing the Site, the impossibility of accessing the Site or the downloading of material from the Site, where this is permitted, including damage to Users’ computers caused by viruses.


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Access to certain sections of this website and/or eventual information and data request by visitors to this website may be subject to entering personal data, all of which will be treated in strict compliance with Law Decree N° 196 of 30th June 2003. The treatment of the data provided is Molini Valente SpA, ("Molini Valente") based in regione mulini, 26 -15023 Felizzano (AL). Molini Valente has appointed the pro-tempore manager responsible for the company’s computer system as the person responsible for data treatment, with their domicile being at Molini Valente’s registered office.

The privacy concerns are handled with procedures, technical and IT instruments suitable to protect the privacy and security of the concerns. The concerns handling consists of their collection, registration, organization, preservation, consulting, elaboration, modification, selection, extraction, comparison, usage, interconnection, block, communication, diffusion, cancelling, destruction, including the combination of two or more of the above activities. Whoever has supplied privacy concerns to Molini Valente, by authorizing their handling for a certain purpose, will be entitled, in whatever moment, to exercise the rights mentioned in the Code as to Protection of privacy concerns (D.Lgs.196/2003) art. 7, by contacting Molini Valente Spa – regione mulini, 26 – 15023 Felizzano (AL).


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