Wheat is the undisputed protagonist of the milling activity. The selection of wheat varieties best suited to different uses and a massive procurement, based on strict quality criteria, laid the bases for ensuring secure and consistent supplies. Every stock of wheat purchased is known, traced and traceable for its quality features (protein content and gluten quality) and sanitation characteristics (contaminants-free).

However, identifying and selecting the best raw material is not enough for us. Once delivered to Molini Valente, wheat must pass the strict examination of two cutting-edge optic sorters, which through sensors and high-resolution cameras analyse every single grain of wheat. Grains showing defects, even the tiniest, are detected and scrapped in order to assess the purity of the wheat selected for milling.

Quality and safety are the watchwords that underlie our commitment towards you. Every step of our work – from the selection of raw materials, processing, up to distribution – is equally critical to achieving the very high quality and uniqueness of our product.


A test laboratory for wheat, located at the reception area of the raw material and a flour test lab create the operating basis for our Quality Control, supported by our Quality Assurance team that constantly updates the management systems at the basis of the whole production structure, in accordance with the guidelines set by ISO series certifications and FSSC standards for food safety. The state-of-the-art available instrumentation allows us to carry out technological tests, on the dough to assess the type of intended use, to establish chemical and physical parameters and contaminants as provided for by the current regulations.


A well-equipped and modern bakery lab is our preferred point of connection with customers. This is where we test finished products and create new flours. By employing the most popular bakery techniques, we appreciate how the old and new wheat varieties may adapt to transformations; we create new products and test recipes to meet the ever-changing needs of consumers. We pay particular attention to matters relating to health, through the development of controlled whole wheat products, increasingly recommended for their high nutritional value and fibre content.


The laboratory is also a training venue: professional courses are planned for artisan bakers, thematic courses on specific manufacturing techniques or personalized advice to meet specific customer requests.


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Elena Lipetskaia
Gianfranco Fagnola
Luigi Stamerra
Marco Oberti
Riccardo Liccione

Teacher: Elena Lipetskaia
Day: 1
Time: 9.30-17.30

Teachers: Marco Oberti, Elena Lipetskaia
Day: 1
Time: 9.30-17.30

Teacher: Elena Lipetskaia
Day: 1
Time: 9.30-17.30

Teachers: Gianfranco Fagnola, Elena Lipetskaia
Days: 2
Time: 8.30 – 19.00

Teachers: Luigi Stamerra, Elena Lipetskaia
Day: 1
Time: 9.30-17.30

Teachers: Riccardo Liccione, Elena Lipetskaia
Day: 1
Time: 9.30-17.30

Elena Lipetskaia

Engineer-Technologist, she graduated in 1996 in St. Petersburg (Russia) at the Academy of Refrigeration Industry and Food Technology, with a post-degree graduate course on “Technology of bread, cakes and pasta production”. From 1994 to 1996 she has worked as technologist shift supervisor; this has enabled her to gain experience and professionalism in the field of bread making.

Since 2006 she works at Molini Valente as head of the Laboratory for bread making and product development. Here, furthermore, she carries out consulting activities for various Italian and foreign companies. From the publishing point of view, over the years she has become a columnist for several trade magazines.

She wrote with Master Giorilli the books:

“Panificando…” published in 2003 by Lucisano-Zanichelli – Italy

“Il grande libro del pane”, published in 2015 by Gribaudo-Feltrinelli – Italy

Gianfranco Fagnola

Born in Bra, Piedmont and raised in a family rooted in the world of baking, he shared his youth between his two passions: classical Latin-Greek studies and family bakery. After earning his academic degree, he fell in love with pastry and then the art of baking. Over the years he has attended numerous pastry and baking courses and learn from some of the most famous Italian pastry chefs and bakers: Umberto Graglia and then Danilo Freguia, Cristian Beduschi, Leonardo Di Carlo, Piergiorgio Giorilli. He continues his professional growth with work experiences in Switzerland and Japan.

In 2009: his bakery was awarded by Paolo Massobrio at Golosaria event as “Miglior locale” (“Best bakery”) and he was awarded as “Richemont Star” by Italian Richemont Club.

In 2010 he participates with the Italian team in the European Bakery Cup (Fagnola-Isoardi-Cunsolo-Zucchi Team) finishing third and winning bronze medal. In the same year he enter the Italian Richemont “technical” Team, who holds its bakery Courses all over Italy.

In 2011 awarded again as “Richemont Star” by Italian Richemont Club, he wins selections to participate in the World Bakery Championships. In September he is International Judge at the 3rd “Mondial du pain” in St. Etienne (France) and then Judge in Brussels for the 1st Belgian National Bakery Competition.

In 2012, in Paris, he participated with the Italian team in the “Coupe du monde de la Boulangerie” and for having ranked, as a score, among the top 4 bakers in the world in the category Bread, he was selected to participate in the “Master de la Boulangerie “, Paris – March 2014.

In 2013 he won the prestigious “Richemont Star” award for the third consecutive time.

He says of himself: “you cannot describe a passion, but you can live it. I bake it.”

Luigi Stamerra

Marco Oberti

Marco Oberti, born in Genoa – Liguria – Italy on 1972, is a volcanic person who, despite a somewhat salty life, has never “thrown in the towel” and, with love and passion, has built his craft and today he passes it on to his collaborators and his 5 children. He was 15 years old when he started discover baking, a hard and tiring job, but so satisfying! Today he is the owner of a bakery in the heart of Genoa with 12 people under his direction, but he says “all pillars, a great team, almost a family”.

Marco, now also Vice President of the Genoa and Province Bakers Association, says he is lucky, because he has always done the job he loves. He and his baking team aim for quality and excellence in all creations and they are now expanding their offer, not only bakery but also gastronomy and pastry.

Among their top items: semolina triangles, bread with sourdough, as well as the Genoese “focaccia”, perfectly made according to tradition, rigorously stretched and oiled to the right dose. And “with the skin”, that is the crust on the surface. Because the real Genoese “FÜGASSA” must be crunchy on the top and very soft underneath, it must “crack”.

His journey into the world of baking consists of three words: authenticity, commitment, excellence. He has accepted the new challenge of becoming an Instructor of this typical Italian product that is Focaccia, with the desire to never stop and to pass on his knowledge to those who are still passionate about white art.

He says of himself: «I put all of myself into my products: a combination of rigor and precision with love and passion».

Riccardo Liccione

Riccardo Liccione was born in 1979 in Turin, Piedmont – Italy. In 1998 he obtained a scientific high school diploma at the Professional Hotel Institute of Pinerolo.

He began his professional career in 1997 working in prestigious restaurants in Italy and abroad, with increasing responsibilities within the kitchen team. Since 2007 he has been the owner and manager of the production of the artisan bakery L’Angolo del Pane S.n.c. in Frossasco, near Turin.

Over the years he received numerous awards for its work and during the competitions in which he participated. In 2009 he was part of Italian Team at the Iba Cup in Dusseldorf; in 2011, again with the Italian Team, he won “Les Pellons d’argent”, finishing second in the European Team Bakery Cup in Nantes.

In 2011, during the awards ceremony at the Mondial du Pain in Saint-Étienne, representing Italy, he held a demonstration of typical products.

In 2016 he was First Classified at Bread in The City of Sigep and, again at Sigep, in 2017 he was First Classified at Bread in The City Night and Day.

Since 2010 he is a member of the Richemont Club Italy.

He says of himself: “A winner always finds a way and a loser always finds an excuse”.