Our company produces soft wheat flours. Continuing a family milling tradition which has its roots in the nineteenth century, we have continually upgraded the facilities by adopting cutting edge technologies. Over the years, we have been able to meet the new market challenges, answering the needs of customers with dynamism and professional competence. Artisan bakers, industrial customers, distributors and operators they all find in us a reliable partner.



Since the noblest fruit of Nature is our work, we are naturally attentive and sensitive and we respect it. Geographically located in the province of Alessandria, the largest area for soft wheat production in Northern Italy, we are in the middle of wheat fields and in close contact with grain producers with whom we work to obtain an environmentally-friendly industry. To reduce traffic and pollution caused by road transport, we are connected to the railway network via a rail link which allows us to receive the wheat necessary for production. In fact, every train of grain means 50 fewer trucks on the roads. For the grains storage process we use a special system that brings fresh air into the storage silo, preserving the raw material without using treatments that are harmful to the environment and to humans. Humans are the centre of our world: this is why safety comes first for us. Food safety and safety at work, a password turned into real culture to transfer to all those who work within the company. Our staff is in fact continually involved in the development of risk analysis activities, fire and accident prevention measures in compliance with all safety regulations.



Advanced automation systems and modern technologies characterize our plant, fully equipped with stainless steel piping. Every step of the processing is monitored in real time, thanks to a fibre-optic network, to ensure the best results and quality of our finished product. Let’s crunch a bit of numbers. Here are the figures of our plants:

tons of grain in storage, ensuring supply consistency of the product.
tons of bulk flours left to stand after milling.
pallets of bagged flours in a fully automated warehouse to ensure fast delivery schedules.
Milling capacity in 24 hours


Led today by brothers Andrea and Anna Valente, the company is a sound enterprise which relies on high level professionals and is large enough to address all markets. New professionalism finds here the ideal place to develop their skills and abilities in a state-of-the-art structure. Development investments and strategies help maintain the quality level of products and the value creation and prospects for the future.



Tradition, quality and continuous innovation. It’s on these bases that we pursue our mission:
constant search for excellence in quality and food safety.

Customer respect in selecting raw materials
that are known, traced, tracked and guaranteed for a healthy and controlled eating /diet.




for Quality System

UNI EN ISO 45001

for Safety Management System

FSSC 22000

for Food Safety System

UNI EN ISO 14001

for Environmental System


for International Sustainability


for Kosher Certificate

Emanuela Isoardi

Emanuela Isoardi

Nata nel 1979 a Bra (Cn), si diploma nel 1995 alla Scuola professionale di Arte bianca di Neive (Cn) con il massimo dei voti e subito intraprende l’attività lavorativa dapprima come pasticcera presso la pasticceria “Converso” di Bra, appartenente ai locali storici d’Italia, e poi nell’azienda dolciaria industriale “Baratti e Milano”. Dal 2003 lavora presso la “Panetteria e pasticceria Fagnola” di Bra come responsabile della produzione dolce e salata.

Per vocazione e con grande interesse per la pasticceria in tutte le sue forme, dal 2005 al 2009 si dedica alla sua crescita professionale frequentando numerosi corsi tenuti da maestri nazionali ed internazionali.
Con passione e tenacia applica le nozioni apprese, mettendo al frutto tutta la sua creatività e professionalità.

Partecipa e vince medaglie a numerosi concorsi:

  • 2007 primo premio in “Pralina e piece”, Simposio del cioccolato – Pavullo
  • 2007 primo premio “Lady in Pasticceria” – Carrara
  • 2008 primo premio “Gran Premio Del Cioccolato in Pasticceria” – Carrara
  • 2009 medaglia d’argento agli “Internazionali d’Italia Cuochi” – Carrara
  • 2010 medaglia d’argento alla “Culinary World Cup” – Lussemburgo
  • 2010 terza classificata alla “Coppa d’Europa della Panificazione” – Bulle (Svizzera)
  • 2011 medaglia d’argento alla “Coppa d’Europa della Panificazione” – Nantes (Francia)

Nel 2007 collabora con il “Richemont Club Italia” e con alcune riviste di settore: “Il Pasticcere Italiano”, “Il Panificatore”, “Pasticceria Internazionale”, dal 2012 con “Dolcesalato”.

Dal 2010 è membro della “N.I.C. Chef Pastry” (Nazionale Italiana Cuochi) ed in seguito diventa consulente per aziende del settore e partecipa a dimostrazioni in fiere nazionali ed internazionali. Dal punto di vista editoriale, a partire dal 2011 collabora con l’agenda “Adesso” e al libro “Madame est servie”, vincitore “Word cook book award” in 2013 “Special award of the jury”.

Negli ultimi anni si è dedicata all’organizzazione e al metodo di lavoro dei processi produttivi per azzerare gli scarti.

Di sé dice: “La cosa più importante è non fermarsi mai nella crescita professionale”.